Tuesday, November 11, 2008

reminder to 2n2 peeps :0
tmr we have to take our streaming result
before 2 or at 2pm
and we may have to gather together to discuss our class chalet

gekmin :O

strawberry vanilla, 7:02 PM.
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

class chalet. 2n2 peeps invited.

wassup 2n2 peeps!
errr, we're planning on making chalet.
we can overnight and stuff.
we'll be inviting the teachers, such as ms calmela and ms huang?
i want to gather back 2n2 peeps for the last time and we can have fun together.
errrrrrr, abt the date i'm not sure?
21-22nov. 27-28nov. 2-3dec. 10-11dec.
either of this date. or anyone can come up with a specific date?
chalet ; we'll make at downtown east. $98 for 2days 1night. anyone want chalet? i dont really mind. cos its pretty cheap. the chalet is 1 storey 1 room. i think chalet better. about the money, who going pay around 10bucks?

who not happy or want to add some more ideas pls tell us/nizam.
anything on 12november when we get back our class results, we'll discuss further on this. thank you.

- nizam. :D

strawberry vanilla, 9:49 PM.


teachers !
form teacher :ms calmela/ms huanq

science : ms wong
maths : mr mike
english : ms ruth huanq
literature : ms huang
mother tongue : respective teachers
physical education : mr thomas tan
music : ms lim
IPW : ms ruth huanq
home economics : mrs ng & ms fong
geography : mr andy!

chinese girls !
;lina,yufen,jie ying
;gekmin, rosabel,wan yi

malay girls !
;weeza , sarahstar,rasyiqah

chinese boys!
;weijie,ho kit,alex

malay boys !
;danish,rafiq,mikhail alif,nizam

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