Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy teachers day !
th day is fuLL of Lauqhters and sadness too ;D

strawberry vanilla, 11:10 AM.
Monday, August 25, 2008

HeLLoHs , syakiLa here .
ms caLmeLa is Leavinq us on tha 28 auqust 2008 .
and sooon , ms Huanq is our form teacher uh .
pfffts , ms caLmeLa if ure readinq this ,
we wiLL never forqet you okay .
and we wiLL aLways remember those sweet and sour moments
we shared in cLass for th past 1 year pLus .
and hope you wiLL enjoy wht we pLanned for you
on teachers' day for tha very Last time )':

strawberry vanilla, 7:09 PM.
Saturday, August 16, 2008

yufen here!!
i updated ter blog profile.
link-ed ppl like rahman, maisarah&weijie.
relink-ed ppl lik syariza..
and i came to realise that in 2N2 only weijie one&only chinese boy got blog wor!
and of cos.
updated the teachers section.
hope u guys do well for the common test!!
2N2 ROX!!
loveya guys!

strawberry vanilla, 3:43 PM.


teachers !
form teacher :ms calmela/ms huanq

science : ms wong
maths : mr mike
english : ms ruth huanq
literature : ms huang
mother tongue : respective teachers
physical education : mr thomas tan
music : ms lim
IPW : ms ruth huanq
home economics : mrs ng & ms fong
geography : mr andy!

chinese girls !
;lina,yufen,jie ying
;gekmin, rosabel,wan yi

malay girls !
;weeza , sarahstar,rasyiqah

chinese boys!
;weijie,ho kit,alex

malay boys !
;danish,rafiq,mikhail alif,nizam

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