Tuesday, October 28, 2008

well,holiday now. miss 2n2 like hell cann! omg.
guys, i really miss you. can we like plan for an outing?
like bbq? a simple shopping? get out and hang around?
hope u guys can get into class u guys wann yo?
and next year , we might not be in the same class, but we shall be like now?
2n2 wont be forgot! remembered days we got into troubles, and get punish tgt.
we had fun tgt. yea? even we quarrel wif teacher, we quarrel tgt! yea,
thats 2n2 spirit?
hope this wont end yo.
all the best for next year!(= and thanks for the memories&everything!

strawberry vanilla, 12:39 AM.
Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Last Day Of School.

strawberry vanilla, 8:04 PM.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

soon , its qonna be the end of the year & its th best part .
& the sadiest part is , we will all be in different classes next year.
hmmm , lazy larh to update . people update arh ((:

`ayumi /

strawberry vanilla, 10:44 AM.


teachers !
form teacher :ms calmela/ms huanq

science : ms wong
maths : mr mike
english : ms ruth huanq
literature : ms huang
mother tongue : respective teachers
physical education : mr thomas tan
music : ms lim
IPW : ms ruth huanq
home economics : mrs ng & ms fong
geography : mr andy!

chinese girls !
;lina,yufen,jie ying
;gekmin, rosabel,wan yi

malay girls !
;weeza , sarahstar,rasyiqah

chinese boys!
;weijie,ho kit,alex

malay boys !
;danish,rafiq,mikhail alif,nizam

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